Who We Are

Dear colleague.

Its with great excitement and gratitude that DarkSky Communications is opening up for business. Our goal is to support bands & events with wireless communications licensing solutions.

DarkSky Communications aims to provide PMSE Licensing support for touring bands and events by obtaining the necessary documentation needed to operate walkie talkies, wireless microphones, IEMs and wireless cameras, etc. If your requirements are a single frequency or an arena sized tour production with multiple channels of comms, stage RF and cameras we can make sure you are correctly licensed & free to focus on your event or tour, wherever you find yourself. We are in contact with licensing agencies around the world to stay updated and make sure you have the right information to operate your wireless systems trouble free.

DarkSky Communications’ staff are well known in the touring industry and have over 70 years combined touring experience, that varies from clubs – theatres – arenas – stadium tours.  Our staff are standing by to get you the documents you need to keep your show running and make sure all your wireless systems are operated legally from country to country.

DarkSky Communications are looking forward to working with you on your upcoming tour or event.

Best Regards 

Niller Bjerregaard (HappyLightGuy)

Chris Kyriacou.